Request Travel Declaration Certificate
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All fully vaccinated visitors to the Cayman Islands must apply for a Travel Declaration Certificate. Each member of your travel party must have an approved Travel Declaration Certificate; each traveler must present this document to the airline before boarding the flight to Grand Cayman. Any person without this document will not be allowed to board the flight.  It is in your best interest to complete the application for the Travel Declaration at least two weeks or more before your arrival date.  Your Travel Declaration is valid for three months from the date of issue.

You can access Travel Cayman  HERE


COVID Testing Before Arrival
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A negative Covid test is required for all travellers 1 day before the fight to Cayman.  

  • PCR and Rapid Antigen tests are accepted. 
  • The Cayman government accepts the at home On/Go COVID-19 Antigen Self-Test + Video Observation through AZOVA
  • On/Go with AZOVA is an easy convenient option
  • You may also test at a local lab that uses rapid antigen tests or PCR tests approved by the US government or Canadian government.


AS OF JUNE 30, 2022

  • No COVID test is required to enter the Cayman Islands
  • All visitors are still required to apply to Travel Cayman and receive a travel certificate to enter the Cayman Islands


Documents Needed to Board Your Flight
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You will be asked to present the following when you check-in for your flight

  • Passport
  • Negative Covid Test (through June 29, 2022)
  • Travel Declaration Certificate provided by Travel Cayman
  • Proof of Vaccination - CDC Card or SmartHealth Pass 
  • Even if you have a digital version of your approved Covid Vaccination bring your CDC card with you.
Masks and Social Distancing

The mask mandate expires on June 30, 2022

Be sure to pack masks, cloth or disposable masks are acceptable.  Masks are required in all public indoor locations.  Social distancing is required and limited access to retail shops may be in place during your visit.