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When you arrive you will present the following documentation to the immigration officer:

  • Travel Declaration
  • Proof of Vaccination
  • Negative Covid Test
  • Valid Passport
  • Immigration Form (one per person)
  • Customs Form (one per family)

Cayman Customs & Immigration Sample Forms

Your airline will give you two forms to be completed before arrival into Grand Cayman.  This information is current (as of June 2019) and was updated to reflect the new Cayman Islands Customs laws
  1. Customs Declaration Form – Required ONLY if you are bringing in more than $350.00 of dutiable goods ($700.00 for families).  
  2. Immigration Department International Embarkation Disembarkation Card – complete ONE PER PERSON including infants.
To expedite immigration please make sure both sides of your immigration form is filled out completely and correctly.  

The format for writing the date is Day/Month/Year.

If you wish to bring wine, beer or alcohol with you the limits are outlined below.

All passengers over the age of 18 years may also bring with them the following items

    • Up to 1 liter of Potable Spirits
    • Or 4 liters of wine
    • Or 1 case of Beer (not exceeding 8 liters)
Fast Track

The Cayman Islands Airports Authority (CIAA) offers a Meet & Greet
Service that provides fast-tracking through long lines at Immigration and Customs.  This option is highly recommended if you are arriving and/or departing on Saturday or Sunday during peak travel weeks such as American Thanksgiving, Christmas/New Year or Spring Break.   Click HERE for program details and pricing.

Cayman Money
The CI$ is fixed to the US dollar at $1.25 US Dollars to $1.00 Cayman Islands Dollar. All major credit cards are accepted in hotels, restaurants, and local shops. The local currency is the Cayman Islands Dollar (CI$) but transactions using nondomestic credit cards will be charged in US$. The US dollar is widely accepted throughout the islands. 
Car Rental Cayman

A rental car is highly recommended.   

For your convenience a list of rental car agencies is provided below.  

Enter GCM (airport code for Grand Cayman’s Owen Roberts International Airport) as your pick-up location when reserving your rental car.


Taxis are available from the arrival greeting area on a dispatch basis. The Airport Ground Transport Attendant dispatches taxis on a first-come-first-served basis. An approved fare table is used to determine fares (click here to see  TAXI RATES & CONDITIONS). Upon dispatch, the customer is provided with a dispatch ticket which identifies the cab driver, the destination, the fare and the time of dispatch.

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Lern more about F L E X  Grand Cayman’s version of Uber.   

F L E X is easy and convinent to use.  

Download the app


Driving to DPC

Click HERE to view and download a video with real-time driving directions from Owen Roberts International Airport to Discovery Point Club.

Please keep in mind this video was created in 2019.  During the Cayman border closure in 2020-2021 multiple road construction projects were completed.  The basic directions to Discovery Point Club remain the same but some of the roundabouts may look a bit different.

Password:  DrivingDirections

DPC Sign
Upon arrival please check in with the Discovery Point Club office.  The office is located on the ground floor of the first building on your right as you drive onto the property.  

When you check-in you will be asked to provide a credit card for the security damage deposit.  The security damage deposit is handled by placing a $500.00 reserve (hold) on the card.  This is not an actual charge.  The reserve will be released within 24 hours of departure provided there are no damages to the property.

Our office staff will provide you with the keys and point you to #19.

If you arrive after office hours press the intercom button or pick up the phone located outside the office door.  Our manager will greet you and complete your check-in.
Check-in time is 4pm. Occasionally we can arrange an early check-in; however, if a guest is checking out on your arrival date 4pm is the earliest possible check-in time.
Camana Bay Fountain

If you arrive before the designated check-in time consider making a stop at Camana Bay, a lively waterfront town-within-a-town where you can dine, shop, climb to the top of the 75-foot Observation Tower or listen to the happy sounds of kids splashing in the fountains.  Grab lunch at one of the restaurants or sip a drink and enjoy the view.

Making a trip to the grocery store before arriving at the condo is also an excellent idea.  This gives you the chance to stock the fridge before you put your feet in the sand.  Trust me, once your toes hit the sand you are not going to want to stuff your feet back into your flip-flops and go grocery shopping. 

Number 19 is located on the third floor of the center building opposite the office.  There are no elevators on the Discovery Point Club property.  If you arrive between 9am – 5pm one of our on-site maintenance men will typically be available to provide assistance with your luggage.
DPC Entrance

Parking is provided on site for 1 vehicle per condo.  Parking spaces are not reserved, you may park in any open space.