Arrival Information

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When you arrive you will present the following documentation to the immigration officer:

  • Travel Declaration
  • Proof of Vaccination
  • Negative Covid Test
  • Valid Passport
  • Immigration Form (one per person)
  • Customs Form (one per family)

Cayman Customs & Immigration Sample Forms

Your airline will give you two forms to be completed before arrival into Grand Cayman.  This information is current (as of June 2019) and was updated to reflect the new Cayman Islands Customs laws
  1. Customs Declaration Form – Required ONLY if you are bringing in more than $350.00 of dutiable goods ($700.00 for families).  
  2. Immigration Department International Embarkation Disembarkation Card – complete ONE PER PERSON including infants.
To expedite immigration please make sure both sides of your immigration form is filled out completely and correctly.  

The format for writing the date is Day/Month/Year.

If you wish to bring wine, beer or alcohol with you the limits are outlined below.

All passengers over the age of 18 years may also bring with them the following items

    • Up to 1 liter of Potable Spirits
    • Or 4 liters of wine
    • Or 1 case of Beer (not exceeding 8 liters)

Departure Information

When you leave, please ensure the following simple tasks are taken care of:

– take the rubbish out to the bins located behind the office and adjacent to the tennis court

– ensure the air-conditioning is set to 80F

– lock the condo

– leave the key with the front office (if the office is closed please leave the keys inside the condo in the basket on the entry hall table)

– if you have unopened food items you are welcome to leave a note offering those items to your housekeeper

We hope you had a wonderful holiday and wish you safe travels back home. Please come back soon…Seven Mile Beach will be waiting.

Check-out time is 11am. Should you require a later check-out we will do our best but you need to let us know beforehand. If we have guests arriving that day it will be impossible to offer a late check-out as the housekeeper must prepare for the arrival of our next guests.