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I’d like to take this opportunity to welcome you to your home away from home. It’s our little piece of paradise. It is my goal to provide you with a safe, worry-free stay. Upon your departure, I want you to be able to give us a nice 5-star review. The unit has been cleaned prior to your arrival however if there are any issues, please contact us immediately so it can be resolved. Please take your time getting acquainted with the unit and discovering all of the accommodations. I have hired a concierge service to take care of guest relations if anything should come up during your stay. Feel free to call or text them with any issues.

When & How Concierge Service 941-525-2947

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Checking In

Your check-in window is from 3:00 PM to 6:00 PM
Upon arrival, please do a walk-through of the property. If you experience anything that is inoperable or
observe anything that is damaged, please contact me immediately so you are not held responsible for the
damage. Please note, if you have a late check-in, we may not be able to resolve any issues until the next
day. If something is damaged or broken during your stay, please contact me immediately. 

Please visit our attractions page on my website for things to do and restaurant recommendations www.venicecondorental.com

Checking Out

Check-out is by 10:00 AM
The housekeeper will launder the linens and bath towels used on your last day. Please launder all other
towels and any extra linens used during you stay. If you used any supplies or detergents, please replace
them. If the housekeeper has to do additional laundry, the extra fees will be billed to the guest. Please
leave at least one roll of toilet paper in each bathroom for the next guest.
Please remember to complete the departure checklist no later than 3 days after departure. Failure to do so
or failure to perform any duty will result in partial or full forfeiture of deposit if applicable. Click here to complete online DEPARTURE CHECKLIST

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The TVs have a Roku Connected to them. You can get all the basic channels on DirecTV streaming service. Just look for the big “D” in the Roku Apps. You can also enjoy the thousands of free tv shows and movies that come with the Roku service or you can connect your own Streaming accounts such as Netflix and Amazon Prime etc. 

You will find beach chairs, umbrella, cooler, sharks tooth sifter and other supplies in the garage storage area. 

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No Smoking anywhere inside property. Smoking is only permitted outside. Fine for smoking is $500

Ring Security cameras are in use at driveway, backyard as well as doorbell.

Although the house has a filtered water system and is perfectly safe to drink it is recommended to purchase water for drinking.

Turn the A/C to your desired temperature and keep the fan in “AUTO” mode. Please make sure all doors and window are closed when using the A/C. If you leave the property for an extended period of time, please raise it to 78. Please note, unexpected higher electric bills will be billed to the guest.

Please note there may be landscapers, pest control techs and other maintenance workers at the property from time to time without notice.

Garbage bins are outside on side of house. Pickup is Fridays. Please put the bins by the street Thursday night. The regular garbage bins should be on one side of the driveway and the
blue recyclables bin should be on the other side of the driveway. The opening must face the street so the automated arms can reach and lift it.

Please do not put disposable wipes in the toilet as they will clog the system. Only use single-ply toilet paper. Any plumber fees incurred to unclog pipes will be billed to guest.

Outdoor cooking may be done with supplied grill. Additional propane is the responsibility of the guest. When you use the grill, please
observe the three C’s – Caution, Cleanliness and Consideration. When the grill has cooled, please return to the grill location and replace the protective cover. 

To use the firepit, be sure master valve on propane tank is in the open position. Push and turn the control knob to the start position until it lights the flame and it is lit for a few seconds. Then adjust the knob to your desired setting.